Dry Bones, Awaken!

Utah High Desert

Utah High Desert

My dry bones lay on the battle floor.


Inside of me.

After the fire. The war.

That burned away the flesh.

Laid on God’s altar.

The test.


Submission requires so much rest.

To die. To surrender.

Peace, at best.

White-flagged, bones, stripped of my flesh,

finally yielded to the war inside.

And, out.

Picked, finely clean by the buzzards,

God allowed.

Removing what’s not of Him.

You know, pride. Ego. The hardness inside.

All that it entails.

Pecking through the shell that blocks what God speaks,

from Him, through others, through the winds,

please, never cease.

The winds wax, they wane,

blowing through, then pulls away,

the debris that no longer has a place to cling.

Til nothing remains for my flesh to sing.

The rains follow.

Drops, showers, quench the pain.

My tears attest.

Yes, the rain, the storms, cleansing what tries to remain.

Cross in the clouds

Cross in the clouds

The Son reigns, He shines above it all,

as I rest, squirming at best,

beneath the Son. The beaming Light.

Whitening the stains,

the scars from too much flight,

from His path.

Barren bones lay dead,

awakening through His grace.

The voice calls beyond the dessert.

Surrounding my soul.

“Come, breath, from the four winds and breathe into these dry bones,

that they may live.”

Oil, sweet oil, flows from the mantle above,

as the vase breaks–


The anointing.

The fragrance of God, leaving nothing to expose.

It’s revealed.

Polishing the bones with the oil of grace.

Awaken me back, more broken, yet more whole,

for your Holy Spirit to live.

To thrive.

Not merely survive.

My bones start to rattle against the ground where I lay,

from the battle around, He chose me to raise.

Up from once ashes, heaped here, around

The breath of God calls to me,

the dry bones

–dead upon the ground,

Waiting for His hand to fasten these bones as He desires.

Waiting, waiting, for the pieces to reveal.

In the waiting, the real work is sealed.

A Voice calling beyond the wilderness,

once crowding out my soul,

“Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our Lord.”

These bones rise up, fastened back for Life.

A fresh wind is moving,

lifting me up,

stronger for the war.

All for Life!

Abundant Life!

Found surrendered to the Lord!

Awaken Dry Bones

Warrior Princes Rising Up For Battle

[Ezekiel 37, Isaiah 40]

Spiritual Attacks With Benefits

I literally left everything that I worked for on God’s altar to follow Him to–“wherever.”  That was in 2000, and “wherever” happened to be 2000 miles from my “home.”

Now, this wasn’t an easy, smeasy letting go. I didn’t simply hear, listen and obey, and walk in peace.

My release required explosions (more than one) and a bit of medical drama (too many to mention). And, the kindness of the Lord amid it all.

Yet, the biggest turning point (explosion & medical drama) happened on February 12, 2000.

While riding a snowmobile in Island Park, Idaho, I drove the “sled” full-throttle into the guide wires of an electrical pole at the end of a trail.

After midnight. In a blizzard.
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Did I hear you, God? But, it doesn’t look like it!

What does it look like to follow God

FollowWalk by faith, and not by sight!

Did I hear you, God? But, it doesn’t look like it!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.

Seems like I turned 50, and stopped writing.

It’s kind of true. Life suddenly took on a different direction in business. And, God graciously handed me a new tool to use to process “stuff” amid old, yet new scenery.

Not that it hasn’t been the best, the deepest healing and growing season of my life, because it has.

Not that it hasn’t been fulfilling, because my heart-bucket has overflowed.

And, it’s not that I didn’t want to write, I just didn’t know what to say.

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Captive Thoughts


beach trees

Have you ever tried to change the position in which you sleep…after fifty years?

I am in the process of transitioning from “stomach sleeper” to “back sleeper.” Why? The way that I have been sleeping—spending over 35% of my life, has created pain in my body. This physical posture has caught up with me, and I need to make a change.

This transition reminds me of the mental and emotional challenge of “taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” [2 Cor 10:5] I’d first read this verse shortly after I joined my women’s Bible study in 1996. But, I could not comprehend what it “looked like.” Friends would say, “focus on what is true … noble … right … pure … lovely … admirable—“ (Phil 4:8) This clearly required action from me. No one else was responsible for how my mind processed situations, entertained thoughts, or how I responded. And, these habits began at birth. I needed this change, but the instructions seemed vague to me. Continue reading

Passing the Canary Test– Lavender


Ever hear the phrase, “The Canary in the Mine,” and wondered what it meant?

Before technology allowed for proper ventilation and created sensors to detect harmful levels of toxic gas in coal mines, miners would depend on a canary. Yes, a bird.

A canary is sensitive to carbon monoxide and methane gas. If the canary died, this signaled imminent danger for the miners. They would vacate the mine immediately.

People with chemical sensitivities are the canary for the rest of the world regarding household and hygiene products, artificial fragrances, make-up, foods, and more. Our bodies can’t process artificial stuff, and it causes a back-up in the liver, our whole detoxification system, making us very sick. This has recently been connected to a genetic mutation in PONS1 and MTHFR, causing us to become Non-methylators.

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