A Journey to the Far East — of Swaziland!

Highlights in photos …

Miles and miles of dirt roads and very stubborn COWS!!

Cow verse Car

Children’s Cup Malinza feeding site …

Me at Feeding Site

A man carrying a big stick came out of the woods in the middle of Nowhere, Swaziland. He approached Carol, who stood next to our car. He insisted that he loved her and she should be his wife! Good thing he didn’t have a goat to slaughter, or she’d be married.

Kids eating porageChildren eating porridge at CarePoint … they have spoons! Very rare!

Girl washes dishesGirl washes her dishes at a CarePoint …

Team [Tamara, Sandra, Carol & Alyssa] talking about Skills Training Camps at CarePoints for teenagers. Inspiring dreams for the future.

Ladies talking shop

Talking tilapiaTalking tilapia … Children’s Cup is investigating raising tilapia as a way to become self-sustaining while employing African nationals.

Fishing tilapia 2

A MAKE [ma-gay/ mama] pig and her “bopigglets” … [Pigs make food for people and tilapia in the pond]

Enlightened pigglets

Chickens also help to feed the people and the tilapia.

Maze, maze, everywhere!

Maze, maze, everywhere!

Children in Swaziland say their favorite pet is a chicken…that’s  because they can eat them. It’s a practicality thing!

Got maze… yes, in Swaziland!






A return trip to Section 19 …

Girl at 19

Me w Sec 19 boy

Sights and colors of Khombaso CarePoint …Carol with kids at 19

Umbrella girl

Umbrellas are a common site, on sunny days.

Make [ma-gay] cooking for the children …

Make at CarePoint

Children at CarePoint

And at the end of the day, it’s all about the children!!!


11 thoughts on “A Journey to the Far East — of Swaziland!

  1. Hi, your mission to Africa must be a great experience of life. My dad would have lived to see it. Blessings to you, Jan

    • Your dad was a HUGE inspiration to my adventurous soul! Uncle Howard knew how to live and love and GO! Thanks for keeping up with my journey, Jan!! I look forward to what’s next, though I am enjoying what’s now! =)

    • So glad to hear you are enjoying the “view”, Margie! I am enjoying the RIDE! =) Thank you for your prayers! I need them in so many ways.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    This is Nedra, Bambi’s friend. It has been many years, but I remember meeting you and it was so nice to finally meet you after hearing about you for years. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for safe travels. I know you are doing great works, and you said it perfectly, it is all about the children. Bambi was kind enough to share your journey with me. I look forward to seeing you when you return.
    God Bless you!

    • Nedra!!! Yes, I remember you well! So glad to hear from you, and know that Bambi passed this along to you! God is sooo good to follow, and I look forward to more of what He has in store! Grab hold, and hold on! You never know where He will take you once you say “I will.”

  3. Hey Jennifer! This is Angie, JeanO’s friend. SO glad we got acquainted over lunch in BR. I’m eagerly following your blogs…keep them in a “Magpie” folder! I’m praying many will read your blogs and let God put a burden in their hearts for the children! That’s where it starts over there….the children. Help them when they are young and show them the way to Calvary! So glad you are doing all this. God bless you abundantly!!

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