Holidays and Bucket Lists!

Six of our first seven weeks have had or will have a holiday!  And our housemate, Carol, and new friend Jessie, have made sure we’ve experienced as much of southern Africa as possible! What a blessing!


Three days after visiting the “Far East” of Swaziland, we loaded up the Rav again, and headed to Nelspruit, South Africa. The King’s birthday opened up a three day weekend to explore new territory. We visited another tilapia farm, as well as Children’s Cup new office in Nelspruit, Just since March 15, 2013, they’ve started 15 feeding sites, with more planned. Our traveling team enjoyed visiting with the pioneers, Mitch and Char Hildebrandt, who left God’s mark in Swaziland, and then moved to pioneer the neighboring country. We stayed at a quaint guest house called Between the Sheets. Alyssa bought and enjoyed her first coffee drink ever — a Carribean Mocha.

Alyssa's first coffee drink

Holding Jadon

Holding Jadon

And a big surprise came along just prior to our arrival in Nelspruit. Mark and Kay Bojovic has their miracle baby 3 weeks early. They made it across the border and into South Africa just in time for Kay to deliver Jadon Mark Bojovich.

Back in Swaziland, Alyssa took on a brave new world, and decided to give driving on the “wrong side of the road” a try. She said it was like learning to drive all over again. But she was quite successfull, I might add.


IMG_0321We hiked Brackenhill with Tamara, and talked Child Sponsorship. It just so happens that one of my closest friends in the States sponsors a child through this organization. I will go find her in a couple of weeks for my friend. I look so forward to meeting her, taking pictures of her for my friend, and seeing what this child needs. I’ve already learned that she lost her mom and dad, and she’s only 12. I will share more after our visit!

And Alyssa and Carol paddled a random canoe along the way.


Carol and Alyssa taking a random canoe out for a paddle.

Rebekah, who is a student at the Global Leadership Academy from Baton Rouge, had a birthday wish. She wanted to go horseback riding in the Mlilwane Game Preserve. We joined her, and it was really inexpensive! $15 per person!!! We rode horses in Africa!



Rebecca and Alyssa riding horse in Mlilwane Game Reserve

Crocodile behind me

Crocodile behind me

On my list of things to do while in Africa was to attend a wedding. Thabo, who is part of the medical team’s mobile unit, married his longtime sweetheart! The atmosphere was definitely African and a total blessing!

Thabo saying vows

Lady in traditional dress for the wedding!

Lady in traditional dress for the wedding!

With Rachel!

With Rachel!

Zinty & Lou

Lu & Zinty!










Making new friends who I will miss dearly when I return back to the States!


6 thoughts on “Holidays and Bucket Lists!

  1. Jennifer: Your name on my list of incoming Email… it alone brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my entire being. Continue to enjoy, serve, share and, most important, continue to learn of and from all three — for those three (Yes, there may be others) are, largely what we become and “Are”!



    • Thank you for your ALWAYS encouraging words, Jim! I am learning and growing and hoping for simply MORE of what God has in store! Blessings, Jim! Always!

  2. Jennifer, I echo what Jim has said about receiving your emails. You are an amazing inspiration. To see His hands and feet loving those precious people through you………….it’s all I can do not to yank up my family, leave corporate America and go serve some hungry souls.
    Praise God for you and your servant heart!!! I love you and am praying for you.

    • Brandi! If God is calling, GO!!! =) You will not regret it!

      And thank you for your encouraging words! God is worthy of all the praise and glory! He made this happen. I simply said YES!

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