An American’s African Adjustments … Part 1

Crawfish are REALLY BIG but make delicious crawfish pie!

CrawfishTo turn a light on, you flip/press the switch down—not up.

When you look to cross the road, remember: “They” drive on the “wrong” side. Which means the lane you think is clear, may not be clear AT ALL!

Which leads into the next… There is no sense of hurry, except in traffic. An oncoming car that wasn’t visible when you started to cross the street will accelerate as soon as you’re in their sight!

Headlines look a little different than in Louisiana, but not much different than Wydaho! [insert: Moose, bear, mountain lion]

DSCN0054Giving someone a choice in a question is tricky. Example: Do you want to meet today or tomorrow? – “Yes!”

Hamburgers are the same, but different. Chinese food is the same, but different. [Thank you for the heads up, Beth!] Fries are the same, but “chips.” Lattes are the same, but smaller. Iced coffee [in South Africa] is not the same, it’s made with ice cream.

Re: milk. The carton labeled “Full Cream” is whole milk. The carton labeled “Cream” is what rises separates to the top in fresh milk, and should not to be confused with “full cream.”

DSCN0046If someone says that they will be somewhere “just now,” that means much later than you would think in America.

Spiders are REALLY BIG and hairy, and like to just hang around.

DSCN0007The “Have it Your Way” theme song generally does not exist in restaurants or cafes. It’s their way or no way…or they will decide for you, and it’s likely not what you want.








Bacon in Africa is thinly sliced ham from the shoulder of a pig, and it is not cured.





Love at first sight runs rampant. Be ready for marriage proposals at any time. A safe response includes: for 80 white cows with one horn pointing north and one horn pointing south. [Coined by Nurse Jessie]

As a woman, revealing your knees or thighs is scandalous, but not your breast. If you reveal your knees, “love at first sight” happens even faster.

IMG_0069A river may run through some roads. Drive at your own risk.

The internet is up for 3 minutes and down for 10. Write all emails or blog posts ahead of time before logging on. Paste, upload, and pray for the best outcome.

God sends American’s to Africa to practice PATIENCE.

To be continued…


13 thoughts on “An American’s African Adjustments … Part 1

  1. I love it – I’m hanging on for your next one!! May you remain ever dependant on our God and father. Thank you for your faithfulness! It is such an inspiration – and humorous! 🙂 Much love Jennifer! – Brandi

  2. Thank you for bringing such am entertaining slice of your experience to us in the States! I hope you’re having a blessed journey!😘

  3. Thanks for the posting! Great to hear from you and I look forward to your next update from Swazi! 🙂

  4. Interesting and entertaining. ‘Just glad you’re a smart enough girl to recognize it when such oddities (to us) appear.. Like all the others, I look forward to each and every update on your mission. As Ann M. says earlier, “You’re experiencing LIFE”. That’s a worthy study, believe me.

  5. Hi Jennifer!

    Sooooo good to hear all is going so well. The best time of your life I’ll bet it will be:) Mud season here is happening, but not so muddy. Its gonna be a dry summer…Be safe and savor!!!! Love Meliss

  6. I’m so glad you are taking this venture and pray God will lead you through this and into the next one! You have a great gift and we know Who gave it to you! Would love to hear more tales on your return but that would be a miracle…another lunch with you and Jean! Well, I can dream!! Keep it up! Praying for you! Love ya, Angie

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