An Amercian’s African Adjustments… Part 2

DSCN0247When pulling into a produce market, expect drive through service!

The time that an event actually starts is about 1-2 hours later than what’s noted, with some exceptions—when you expect them to start later.

If an 18-wheeler has a sign that states, “ABNORMAL”, that translates into WIDE LOAD in the States.

If a female is “abnormal,” she is pregnant.

Please follow these specific instructions when visiting an art gallery!


DSCN0181Never underestimate the power of COWS! [Cows are given to a girl’s family when a man wants to marry her. Typically a cow is sacrificed at a wedding to seal the marrige. ]

Do not waste your time looking for a power outlet or light switch inside of the bathroom—they do not exist.

If directions include, go to the “robot” and take a right, don’t start looking for R2D2 from Star Wars, simply look for the traffic light.

Paper towels smell very ODD!

You buy your electricity at a gas station.

Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS population in the world. An estimated 45% of the population! You will be reminded of this every day.


Big Plus!!! A sim card works in ANY unlocked phone in Swaziland!

Razor wire separates all things from everything, but itself. With good reason!

Razor wire & childrenGod sends Americans to Africa to practice PATIENCE!

To be continued…


5 thoughts on “An Amercian’s African Adjustments… Part 2

  1. Fabulous! I think one could write a picture book about this by traveling around Africa. Hope you are well. Please change out my Allstate email for this one. Thanks!

    • Hey Isabel, a picture book is a great idea !! I will change your email addy!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope all is well in your life!

  2. Your emails keep my eye on the prize…….. ‘with laughter’. Thank you Jennifer! I’m praying for you!!!!

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