An American’s African Adjustments Part 3

Xai Xai traffic jamA  true statement from an anonymous source: “The only people who drive straight in Swaziland are those who are drunk.” The rest are dodging potholes, people, cows, goats, children, or maneuvering speed-humps.

Speed-humps exist in the most random places, such as going UP a steep hill.

A “Sleeping Policeman” is a “speed hump.”

There may be as many as 7 speed humps in less than 25 yards, only to repeat the pattern again in less than 50 yards.

Which leads to this fact: There is only ONE chiropractor in ALL of Swaziland. If she’s on maternity leave, you’ll have to stay UN-adjusted.

One must time the day that they are washing clothes based on the weather. Very few “dryers” can be found. [But I like line-dried clothes!]

Clothes line

Do not bother to look for chocolate chips in Swaziland, they can’t be found!

An awesome adjustment… every gas station is FULL service, including washing your windshield and checking your oil and fluid levels!!

A washing

Not all children are happy to see me! This one screamed each time I spoke to her!

Baby hiding faceGod sends Americans to Africa to practice PATIENCE!


2 thoughts on “An American’s African Adjustments Part 3

  1. You are a beautiful disciple off Christ!
    May you have a safe trip back home , I know it will be a tough reentry….
    Our country is decaying daily 😁 makes me sad. 😞
    But we are not without hope!!! Right?
    Heavenly Hugs 😊

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