Dear Swaziland

Dear Swaziland!

IMG_0099 God has used your people and your soil to challenge me, grow me, move me, and touch my heart in a deeper way. Your little ones have accepted me through the simplicity of unadulterated love. Through the basic human desire to matter to someone, anyone. Through the need of a gentle touch. Someone to wipe a tear away, or simply to embrace.

The people You have chosen as your hands and feet and eyes are simply amazing. Your love courses through their hearts, and out into the streets. Into the rural areas where poverty has been redefined in my mind. The soul of the African native is welcoming. Endearing. Loving. Kind.

May God move through the traditions, the bondage, the lies, and release your people into the freedom found in the Truth, the Love, and the Grace in Jesus alone. May the yoke of poverty and oppression break off of your lives, so that you can walk in freedom in Him, for Him, for His glory alone. May your people “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” In Jesus name, amen


With love in my heart,



2 thoughts on “Dear Swaziland

  1. Loved seeing the pics, Jennifer! Looks like you’re working-out in a different way. I sure miss seeing you. You have been in my prayers, but not so much in my e-mails! God bless, Carla

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