Turned 50 Today…Aiyeeeeee!

Photo Crediit: Paul Chasus in South Africa

Photo Credit: Paul Chasusa in South Africa

I turn 50 today, and I am thrilled!

Yes, you read that right. THRILLED!!!


1] I am healthier than I have ever been in my life! For real! But, not without several life-threatening health crisis’ through the years. Yet, at 50, I am MORE than alive! I am thriving! And, out of those ashes came a passion to share the abundant wisdom I’ve gained about natural medicine, non-toxic living habits, and trusting God even more!

Come to http://www.geauxorganic.com, bookmark and be ready for the launch by May 30, 2015. I will share my health journey, as well as tips that helped me rise above the floor, and truly LIVE again.

Jennifer koko

Met physical goal: In the last 2 months, I lifted 393,509 pounds and put in 34 miles of cardio at Koko FitClub

2] Steps of obedience have built my faith. Though I’ve taken many big ones in the past, they were often clouded with fear of what might be, what appears to be, or what some might say! No MORE! His ever-present sovereignty has built steady steps of faith that go far beyond anything doubt could ever shake.

Photo Credit: Kevin Cass/Powder Day Photography

My favorite hike to ski! Something I thought I’d never be able to do! Photo Credit: Kevin Cass/Powder Day Photography

3] It took almost 50 years for me to TRULY rest in God’s plans—no matter what the circumstances have thrown back at me. He’s shown grace through the purifying fires that left His beauty behind. His grace has proven more than sufficient to anchor me as the waves of fear and rejection pounded against my soul. He proved himself oh-so-good as I walked by faith, even when all that I could see, screamed back at me, “No, don’t go!” He’s been faithful to this wretched soul, no matter the scenery and characters in my life! Circumstances no longer measure the goodness of my God!


God continues to call me out of my comfort zone, and I LOVE it! Swaziland, 2013

4] I’ve met amazing people who have chosen to be my friends. Some for years through the thickets and the thin, and some who it took almost 50 years to meet. Each have sharpened me, loved me, prayed for me, and knew that something more lay inside of me than what I could see. Something that made them truly friends! I look forward to treasuring my “forevers,” while making more in this next season of my life. And, I’ve particularly loved the addition of my “Little Best Friend,” Harmony!

photo (23)Tutu and nini

Pure love!

5] God granted me enough days to walk in more freedom, hope and peace than I’ve ever lived out before. Freedom from curses, vows and agreements made in subtle ways that held my life captive for far too long. I am free! Free to move on, wherever that might be.

Alyssa jumping in Africa 2

6] My 40’s added more substance to my soul than any single era of my life. I welcome the sustenance that only the 50’s can bring. This life is a gift, and I get to partake of LIFE each day I arise. I get to serve my Lord in how He desires, no matter how many wrinkles and aches appear, some seemingly overnight. No matter what the calendar says, or my financial status, I am alive for a God-given purpose, and I want to LIVE IT! Wherever that may lead.


God called me to learn the drums at age 41

7] God knows the number of my days, and I can honestly say that death is not a stronghold for me. Heaven is for real, and it’s the place I long to be! The only fear I have is living apart from what God has for me on earth. So, the longer I live, the closer I am to living where I desire most to be… in Heaven because it IS for REAL!


Living on God’s edge is the only way to truly LIVE! South Africa, one year ago today!

After so much favor that took all of my 49 years to bring, I am thrilled to turn 50! To see what God has in store, because death has no sting!


12 thoughts on “Turned 50 Today…Aiyeeeeee!

  1. Happy birthday, dear friend! You are amazing and wonderful and beautiful. I’m so thankful God placed you in my life! 🙂 I can’t wait to see where He takes you in this next decade! 🙂

  2. I love this! Well done, friend. This challenges me to embrace my 40’s and look forward to my 50’s. You’re a precious daughter to your Abba Father, the King of kings & Lord of lords! I know you will continue to glorify Him all the days of your life!
    Love you lots 💗

    • Love you lots, too, my sweet Jacci! God is so good to those who follow after Him, even into the darkest corners of ourselves, our surroundings, our lives… He is faithful!!!

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