Does Our Walk of Faith EVER Get Easier?

Does Our Walk of Faith EVER Get Easier?

Shattered Heart

My heart is broken.

More so than at any other time.

Circumstances are not the matter,

as long as it’s for what breaks God’s.

And, this definitely does …

This path is scattered with shattered pieces–some mine, some another.

My heart steps from side to side, seeking God’s light upon this path,

with crevices so deep, I could fall in, and never get back…

up, truly alive.

If my flesh had its way, I could get lost,

missing the direction of whom I seek.

Yet, I’d miss the summit, where the pieces all seem to fit.

A breather comes at times, sitting by the water, still,

waiting for the next climb.

I wonder, will this walk of faith–this journey following the Light,

EVER get easier?

Some of me wants to say, “I wish.”

Does Our Walk of Faith EVER Get Easier?

Broken path

Yet, the part of me that yearns to grow.

it knows that if that path ever came, it’s likely not of Him.

It’d likely be of the one whose ways are to stagnate what’s inside.

That pool that ebbs and flows with God’s breaking…

That sound is so clear, shattering at times, as the drops of my tears keep that pool inside alive.

You know, that part of my heart, that yearns to grow.

The only part that eases is the believing that

God is good through it all.

The rest, the pieces, the tears, the pain from what I see,

from the cries that I hear,

the ones that move me closer to the faith that I seek.

The kind that requires no sight to see, only steps.

Of faith.

Lead me, Lord, where much more of You is required,

so I grow ever closer…

The One who makes life divine.

You, who makes sense of so many shattered pieces,

leaving none that should not reside.

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