Shalom–Favor Amid the Chaos

The One who takes authority over all chaos, has blessed me today as I walk in peace amid those under the strongman of drug addiction, con-artistry, and others who are in bondage to the falsity of evil.
The ones who need to be set free.
The past few years have been some of the most challenging, yet they have also lead to the deepest healing I’ve ever experienced. To be able to walk “free” amid the dysfunction of my family is exactly what God intended. After serving Him in Africa for a few months, He called me back to my family home. It was time to deal with the what hurt inside of my heart. The places that clouded what I could see.
As the locust have continued to chomp, chomp, chomp amid it all, God has said, “Trust Me!”
So, I have.

 After going to the Farmer’s Market this morning, thoughts of Frankincense essential oil came to my mind. Like how much my ailing body could use this healing balm. How much it’s helped me in the past.
You see, I have a huge obstacle to surviving and thriving in this modern world–Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
This is not a secret to anyone in my family, nor to the many who have walked alongside of me. Most work to protect me as they see the devastation it has on my health–my life.
My thoughts then turned to the one who has worked hard to make me leave my childhood home. The house is the complete focus of his existence. A stronghold of the deepest kind. One secured through fear and insecurity, and supported and nurtured through deep generational wounds.
He wants possession of it at ALL cost.
This person has set out to intentionally poison me with chemical products known to make me very sick. He’s admitted it to me, and to others with great pride.
He’s also bullied me around by damaging my personal property,  throwing away or breaking anything left outside of my locked bedroom. This has included  some of my essential oils, not the least of which was a Frankincense product to help me heal.
You see, I am a threat to the plan he has set to walk out for years.
Yet, my faith has not been broken amid all of this. And, nothing on this earth is my prize.
My faith and trust in following God–Jesus Christ, has only been more deeply secured.
As I walk out each incidence, God has promised, “I will restore what the locust have eaten,”  even as the locust continue to chomp away. (Joel 2)
As I drove into the driveway today, my Young Living order arrived right behind me. And, as I opened the box in my van, a person who was visiting shared a story of how Frankincense had helped someone overcome a major “health obstacle.”
This made me wish for Frankincense even more.
My body hurts from so many chemical attacks, as well as all of the drama surrounding  the spiritual warfare that addictions and sorted intentions brings into any home. And, living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is very HARD. Many people never leave the confines of their homes, and some, their cars, because of this condition.
But, God.
He has given me much wisdom on how to get myself up and outside, to function in spite of this. This includes guarding myself from further harm from chemicals–artificial anything from fragrances, pesticides, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, and more.
The weapons of this warfare are not illegal, and easy to dismiss, you see. But, they are nonetheless, very real.
I opened the box full of the oily goods that I’d ordered. I grabbed one of the tubes used to protect the bottles in transport. I expected the oils that I had ordered to come out of the tube.
Instead, a 5-ml bottle of Frankincense came out.
I did a double take, and then marveled, knowing that I had not ordered it.
Then another bottle came out.
It was another Frankincense, and then another, and another, and another from a different tube.
I had ordered everything else in the box, but THIS–five bottles of Frankincense–I had not.
I grabbed the invoice to check to see if a mistake had been made. There was no mention of Frankincense on it.
My eyes filled with tears as I heard, “My favor.”
And, after being told to just keep them, I marveled even more.
Nebraska Sunset2
All along the way, I’d shared with many of my friends and prayers groups each challenge that came along with living in this home. When dealing with those whose intent is darkness, the drama never stops.
I hear God say, “Keep moving forward!” As in, “don’t get caught up in this mess, I have something more for you.”
This past week events kept escalating from missing meds, post heart surgery issues, the blame-game, and more. Many have said, “This sounds like a movie,” because it’s all just surreal.
 My friends now needed to hear of God’s beauty and grace amid the heaps of ashes as the fires rage on.
“…and provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.” Isaiah 61:3
One friend asked, “What is the spiritual meaning of the number 5?” She then proceeded to look it up.
What followed had both of us in total AWE!
“The number 5 symbolizes God’s grace, goodness and favor toward humans and is mentioned 318 times in Scripture. Five is the number of grace, and multiplied by itself, which is 25, is ‘grace upon grace’ (John 1:16). The Ten Commandments contains two sets of 5 commandments. The first five commandments are related to our treatment and relationship with God, and the last five concern our relationship with others humans.”
*God sent FIVE bottles of FIVE-ml of Frankincense! (For a total of 25-ml of oil)*
My heart welled up knowing that this was one of those God-nuggets, for sure. He was sending me a message that He’s got it all in His hands, that I am on the right path, and His grace is sufficient for this ugly, endless storm. He’s giving me the grace to carry on.
I then wondered about the biblical meaning of Frankincense.
From the Biblical Meanings site:
 “The signification of frankincense, is that which has been clarified from the falsity of evil.”
“The inmost truth, which is signified by frankincense is spiritual good, because the good with those who are in the Lord’s spiritual kingdom is nothing else than truth.”
“Frankincense denotes spiritual good, and good is that which reigns in all truths, disposes them, conjoins them.”
Another site states:
Frankincense is symbolic of worship as burnt offering unto the Lord. It’s a symbol of holiness and righteousness, and Christ’s willingness to become a sacrifice for all mankind.
Even though this flawed vessel has missed the mark at times, God has been with me through the fires, winds and rain. He assures me that the Truth I seek and desire is real, even as the lions roar with their lies all around.
This day of great favor is one I will never forget.
And, God’s timing never ceases to amaze me.
God takes care of Truth. He shuts the mouths of the lions, and restores what the locust have eaten in the lives of His children–a thousand fold, and MORE!
I pray for salvation for the souls around me, and for them to experience the depth of  healing and freedom I now walk out. The bondage that has grabbed ahold of so many souls needs to be exposed and loosed, as transparency heals down to the deepest level of all.
Yet, I will not apologize for being on a different page as any con-artist who’s under the influence of darkness. And, where I may lose many things of this world, my God has so much more.
My treasures are in heaven, not tainted with greed or sorted gain. Not an object of bondage, but freedom down through to the depths of my soul.
I will rejoice always in the glory of the Lord today. I rejoice in what’s to come, as He humbles me more and opens my eyes to the deeper reason chaos even stirs.
The longer I walk the more difficult roads for which He’s called, I realize more and more that there is nothing worth having that’s apart from Him. No earthly acceptance. No earthly treasures. Nothing that the eye can see apart from Thee.
His peace leds, His mercy heals, and His grace sets us free.
Grace upon grace.
We all have a choice.
I chose Him!

2 thoughts on “Shalom–Favor Amid the Chaos

  1. Very good article ! And I’m still excited about your blessing and favor !!!

    In Christ, Sharlotte Brian Building & Design, LLC 225-715-1802 Sent from my iPhone


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