Sticks and Stones and Words ALL Hurt Something

The tears were as real as the two “Princess Tiana” buns on each side of her head. Her normal smile and hug of excitement did not follow. I knew something had happened to my tender-hearted godchild. Our time would be brief, like ten minutes, but it was long enough to hear what had hurt her kindergarten-heart.

“The kids were mean to me.”

My heart sank.

“They made fun of my hair.”

Her hair was fixed in a precious arrangement over her sweet little face, just like one of her favorite Disney Princesses, Tiana. She loved her hair fixed this way, but now she did not, all because of what other kids had had to say. Likely starting with just one kid’s thoughts.

(How dare they! I thought.)
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The Benefits of Holiday Triggers


‘Tis the Season for Holiday Triggers.

We all have them, to some degree or another! We tend to look at them as a detriment, or maybe we even condemn ourselves for responding with anger or tears.

Well, I am here to say, these kind of triggers actually come with great benefits. And, I hope to help you look at them in a different way.
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Shalom–Favor Amid the Chaos

The One who takes authority over all chaos, has blessed me today as I walk in peace amid those under the strongman of drug addiction, con-artistry, and others who are in bondage to the falsity of evil.
The ones who need to be set free.
The past few years have been some of the most challenging, yet they have also lead to the deepest healing I’ve ever experienced. To be able to walk “free” amid the dysfunction of my family is exactly what God intended. After serving Him in Africa for a few months, He called me back to my family home. It was time to deal with the what hurt inside of my heart. The places that clouded what I could see.
As the locust have continued to chomp, chomp, chomp amid it all, God has said, “Trust Me!”
So, I have.

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Spiritual Attacks With Benefits

I literally left everything that I worked for on God’s altar to follow Him to–“wherever.”  That was in 2000, and “wherever” happened to be 2000 miles from my “home.”

Now, this wasn’t an easy, smeasy letting go. I didn’t simply hear, listen and obey, and walk in peace.

My release required explosions (more than one) and a bit of medical drama (too many to mention). And, the kindness of the Lord amid it all.

Yet, the biggest turning point (explosion & medical drama) happened on February 12, 2000.

While riding a snowmobile in Island Park, Idaho, I drove the “sled” full-throttle into the guide wires of an electrical pole at the end of a trail.

After midnight. In a blizzard.
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Did I hear you, God? But, it doesn’t look like it!

What does it look like to follow God

FollowWalk by faith, and not by sight!

Did I hear you, God? But, it doesn’t look like it!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.

Seems like I turned 50, and stopped writing.

It’s kind of true. Life suddenly took on a different direction in business. And, God graciously handed me a new tool to use to process “stuff” amid old, yet new scenery.

Not that it hasn’t been the best, the deepest healing and growing season of my life, because it has.

Not that it hasn’t been fulfilling, because my heart-bucket has overflowed.

And, it’s not that I didn’t want to write, I just didn’t know what to say.

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